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      Hi, I’m Josie V, a Colorado-based photographer, recovering people pleaser, and advocate for individuality. An outspoken member of the LGBTQ community, I am passionate about authenticity, adventure, and cultivating curiosity. 

     I didn’t always have a strong sense of self. I always had ideas for different versions of myself, a personality for each setting. I was lost, a buoy floating the ocean of possibilities. So I did what any lost soul might do and became a ski bum. During that time, I survived on adventure and daydreams. But deep down, I knew something wasn’t right. I was out of alignment with myself, my values, and my purpose.

    At the age of 25, I took off in my mini cooper for a 2.5-month road trip to find myself. I thought solitude and adventure would help me discovered the inner voice I had been quieting for so long. Alas, there was no epiphany on this trip, no big reveal of the paths I needed to take, only a whisper to pick up a camera.

     The camera quickly became my way of connecting with the world, an object to create a new reality. I found even more magic when I discovered the reciprocity that came with photographing people. A camera in my hands made me bold enough to be myself, and in doing so, my clients have permission to be themselves. Instead of the camera becoming a barrier, it built bridges.

   I'm Josie V, an outspoken lesbian, mindful creative and failing vegan. (really failing, I love cheese)

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When's the last time you were fully present?

Now I am a full-time photographer specializing in helping others honor and embrace their unique badassery through imagery. I genuinely believe that when we are our most authentic selves, we begin to heal and help the world heal. At the heart of my work is the opportunity to be fully present with another human, to document their soul and their unique beauty. When I can reflect someone’s energy to them, my work is complete. 

The best part of my job? I get to showcase the beauty of humans, their love, and their lives to the rest of the world. By sharing our stories, we create community, hope, and compassion. When you see yourself reflected in other humans, the world gets a little less lonely, being true to yourself becomes slightly less daunting, trails to new journeys open up, and love gets a chance.

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