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An Adventurous Colorado Elopement Styled Vow Renewal

An Adventurous elopement style vow renewal in the Rocky Mountains | Josie V Photography

Creating a Vow-Renewal that feels like a true Colorado Elopement

Rachel and Nick tied the knot in 2019 but knew they wanted to do something special for their year anniversary. They decided that they would renew their vows in the spirit of a Colorado elopement. They chose the perfect location, packed their hiking boots, puppies, and set off into the Colorado Rockies. Filled with adventure, love, and spirit, they took each other’s hand and walked out into the wilderness together. The sky was a hazy orange that day from the wildfires burning nearby, therefore giving the scene a sense of mysticism and awe. Rachel and Nick started by reading each other new vows they had written, repromising their commitment to one another. Nick making Rachel laugh with vows that were a little more humourous this go around. Their puppies (held by Nick’s brother) looked on as their parents promised each other forever, again.

Elopement photography | Josie V Photography

Eloping with puppies | Josie V Photography

Elopement vows by a mountain | Josie V Photography

Rocky Mountain Elopement ideas | Josie V Photography

Vibrant Colorado Elopement Photography | Josie V Photography

Why do an adventurous vow-renewal?

They sealed their vows with a kiss, and it was off to photograph the Colorado elopement that they hoped to channel. If you want those epic pictures that come from a Colorado elopement day, you don’t have to elope! I love the idea of using your anniversary to put on your dress and create epic images. On the other hand, the wedding day can move so quickly that oftentimes you don’t get to explore and play as much as you’d like cause you’re busy partying! Slowing down with one another for a vow-renewal or adventurous session creates time, adventure, and connection with one another. Rachel and Nick certainly knew how to play.

Destination Elopement in Colorado | Josie V Photography

Romantic Colorado Elopement Photography | Josie V Photography

Adventurous Colorado Elopement | Josie V Photography

Adventurous elopement Photography | Josie V Photography

Adventurous Elopement Photography | Josie V Photography


Brainard Lake Elopement | Josie V Photography

Bride with her dog during elopement | Josie V Photography

Groom with his dog during elopement | Josie V Photography

Unique Ring shots for an elopement | Josie V Photography

Elopement Photography | Josie V Photography

Colorado Elopement Packages | Josie V Photography

As dusk started to set in, we wrapped up, laughing, full of joy from being in nature. I love how Rachel and Nick’s photos turned out and how they decided to choose to celebrate one another again. Above all, an adventure together is a great way to remind each other of your love.

In short, if you’re planning a Colorado elopement, vow renewal, or wedding, get in touch! I love creating honest, vibrant images helping art direct your moments.

For more elopement inspiration, check out our friends at Wandering Weddings!


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