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The Power of Boudoir Photography

Woman lays in the boudoir

Inspiration for a Powerful Boudoir Photography Session

Boudoir, beauty, or intimate sessions are the best way to see yourself in a new light. Boudoir photography offers a way to see yourself how Lizzo wants you to, beautiful, powerful, and autonomous. I love photographing these intimate sessions because of what my clients say or feel after. We live in a society that continually tells us this is too risky, or you’re body isn’t enough. Boudoir photography offers a different perspective. It puts trust in someone else to help show off the best version of yourself.

One of the most fun parts of boudoir photography for me is to be able to show my clients just how gorgeous they are. It’s amazing how seeing yourself through someone else’s lens can be healing and empowering. Boudoir sessions aren’t just about fancy lingerie (although that is always fun). It’s about creating a space for you to feel confident in your body, celebrating the temple that carries your mind and soul through this life. Intimate images uncover you that is beneath any insecurities or self-doubt.

Lesbian couple embracing in boudoir portrait

Boudoir sessions can be just you, or you and your partner, whoever you would like. Intimate couple sessions offer a way to connect outside of the norm. Especially if you are the type of couple (like my partner and me) that loves your home. Home intimate sessions are an excellent way of showcasing your first home together, and the moments shared in that place. These intimate boudoir sessions are a great way of encapsulating your love at a particular moment in time. I mean, who doesn’t want to have these photographs to look back on when you grow old together? I know I do — their also a great way to create engagement photos that feel super personalized to you.

Lesbian couple lays on the bed with hands intertwined


Lesbian couple kisses on a bed

Boudoir style inspiration | Josie V

Boudoir style inspiration by Josie V Photography

Creative lighting in boudoir photo | Josie V

Woman kisses another womans shoulder in the boudoir

Lesbian couple in boudoir portraits

What to Wear:

Let’s talk about what to wear! Hint: it’s anything! Whatever clothes will showcase your personality and style. I love how H in her photos decided to wear a flannel belonging to her financé, lingerie, jeans, and even nothing. I always recommend at least an hour and a half for a boudoir session. This time allows time to get comfortable in front of the camera and time for multiple outfit changes! Especially if you are considering giving these images to your partner for the wedding day. The extra time is a great way to showcase your personality, and maybe even work in time to wear that bridal lingerie. I also love that E & D decided to wear complementary outfits, showcasing their different personalities and how well they mesh.

Boudoir portrait of woman in Flannel | Josie V

Light and shadows fall across womans chest in boudoir portrait

Woman in lingerie poses for boudoir portrait

Lesbian couple embraces in boudoir portrait

Woman poses in naked boudoir photo | Josie V

Woman in lingerie drinks coffee

Portrait of a naked woman in the boudoir

Lesbian couple in the bedroom

Whether you are someone who loves being in front of the camera or someone who is shyer, boudoir photography can bring out your best. The power of boudoir photography is that it can transform how you see yourself, your body, and help reclaim your sexuality. I love being able to facilitate such sessions and being able to provide a safe and comfortable environment to create. Plus, how great does a cozy in-home shoot sound in the middle of winter?

Are you wondering about a boudoir? Interested in creating some lasting Valentine’s day presents?

Get in touch to book now!

Female couple embraces one another in boudoir


  1. Heather says:

    Gorgeous! Hopeful some day I will have the confidence to do a session like this.

  2. Corey says:

    I love how you captured them with REAL beauty and not just smokey eye, huge hair, fake everything boudoir. Those are pretty too, but its really nice to see that none of that is necessary. I love how you can feel “them” in their photos

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